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Shiatsu is a hands-on treatment that works over the whole body, and sees the physical and emotional as interconnected. It is based on the Meridian (energy pathways) system in Chinese Medicine.

What Shiatsu with David offers

My starting point is to recognise that our felt sense of our body, and the various discomforts and pains we experience, have taken shape through all of the complex stories of our life. So when I come into contact with someone in a Shiatsu I am sensitive to the emotions and meanings that are present in the body. My Shiatsu therefore listens to and responds to your individual needs, and is supportive and empathetic.

A session gives you the space to take time out, settle into yourself, and gain a broader perspective on what's happening for you. Shiatsu builds awareness and understanding of the causes of ill health and how your physical symptoms relate to challenges in your life and emotional struggles. This is the beginning of a process of real change.

I aim to create a space where you can express whatever you are experiencing and to feel accepted for however you are at the time,

I am a fully qualified Shiatsu therapist and a member of the Shiatsu Society (see About David).

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