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What to expect in a treatment session

Shiatsu is based on the Meridian (energy pathways) system in Chinese Medicine. It is a body-energy therapy that uses hand pressure, stretches, movement, and acupressure points.

Shiatsu releases tension using firm touch but it is not forceful or painful like some massages. Shiatsu also gives attention to the parts of your body that are tired-out and in need of growth and support. Treatments are not based on a set routine. I work intuitively and in response to your specific needs and wants.

I usually work with people over a course of treatments to help achieve deep and long-lasting growth and change. At the outset we would discuss the problems you face and identify an intention for how you want to feel in your life. We would then work towards the changes you want. The number of treatment sessions depends on your needs, but I would recommend at least five so as to give sufficient time for changes to emerge.

For our session you will lie on a soft comfortable futon mat on the floor. Being on the floor enables me to use my body weight to apply pressure. If you have any injuries or discomfort we can use different positions and cushions to ensure you are at ease. And if lying on the floor is challenging then we can find alternatives such as sitting up or using a chair.

We would generally work on the whole body over a treatment session, but I will invite you to tell me if there are any areas you prefer not to be worked.